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last changeWed, 31 Mar 2021 21:56:37 +0000 (23:56 +0200)
9 days ago Greg BurriReduce a bit the thickness of selected RBC master
9 days ago Greg BurriOutput logs to AppUser/Roaming/Parasitemia/Logs
9 days ago Greg BurriAdd an ellipse benchmark + unit test (WIP)
13 days ago Greg BurriAdd total analysis time #319
2021-03-26 Greg BurriUpgrade the logger component
2021-03-26 Greg BurriAdd the old search for kdTree + benchmark project
2021-03-25 Greg BurriReplace F# list by List<T> for KdTree.
2021-03-22 Greg BurriAdd two buttons to select or unselect all image to... 1.0.14
2021-03-22 Greg BurriRemove old useless file
2021-03-22 Greg BurriUse an absolute value for thickness and font size 1.0.13
2021-03-22 Greg BurriHighlight RBC simultaneous in the preview and in the...
2021-03-22 Greg BurriFix an exception when opening the links from the about...
2021-03-21 Greg BurriSet exe icon and update setup script.
2021-03-21 Greg BurriUpdate unit tests to .NET 5.
2021-03-21 Greg BurriPut the RBC number text below border on the main image.
2021-03-21 Greg BurriAdd launch settings.
2 weeks ago 1.0.14
2 weeks ago 1.0.13
3 years ago 1.0.11
9 days ago master