2017-10-08 Greg BurriFix an error where the json files can't be created. 1.0.11
2017-07-01 Greg BurriUpdate coding style.
2017-05-18 Greg BurriVersion 1.0.10
2017-05-18 Greg BurriDefine Emgu as a nuget reference for the project WPF
2017-05-06 Greg BurriMicro optimization to improve analysis speed by ~20%
2017-05-04 Greg BurriUpdate setup builder to the new Emgu dll name.
2017-05-04 Greg BurriUse the Emgu library from Nuget.
2017-05-04 Greg BurriUpdate the Logger component.
2017-04-22 Greg BurriBack to .NET 4.5.2
2017-03-29 Greg BurriAdd some key shortcut.
2017-03-28 Greg BurriReport cleaning.
2017-03-28 Greg BurriCleaning syntax.
2016-03-03 Greg BurriPiaz files wasn't associated during setup.
2016-02-19 Greg BurriReplace "for [..] in [..]" by "for [..] to [..]" for...
2016-02-05 Greg BurriScript modification for testing.
2016-02-05 Greg BurriUpdate report.
2016-02-03 Greg BurriSave predefined PPI and sensor sizes in JSON files.
2016-02-02 Greg BurriPeculiar elements overlap RBC now.
2016-02-01 Greg BurriRemove the removing of cells bases on standard deviation.
2016-02-01 Greg BurriChange the way the dark stain is marked.
2016-01-30 Greg BurriDoc + cleaning.
2016-01-30 Greg BurriUpdate report.
2016-01-30 Greg BurriAdjustment of some parameters.
2016-01-30 Greg BurriIncrease a bit the number of built ellipses.
2016-01-29 Greg BurriMore homogeneous ellipse density.
2016-01-29 Greg BurriCleaning and some little tweaks.
2016-01-29 Greg BurriUpdate report.
2016-01-28 Greg BurriAjout de la section sur la granulometrie.
2016-01-28 Greg BurriAdd a DPI calculator to help to find the correct image...
2016-01-26 Greg Burri* Modify a bit the parasite nucleus detection sensibility.
2016-01-26 Greg BurriSplit the module 'ImgTools' in many modules.
2016-01-25 Greg BurriCleaning + renaming.
2016-01-25 Greg BurriAdd report.
2016-01-25 Greg BurriRemove the parasite detection function from Ma.
2016-01-25 Greg BurriProject the colors to have the best contrast for RBCs...
2016-01-25 Greg BurriAdd a way to detect the membrane of a parasite in the...
2016-01-22 Greg BurriAdd some GUI elements :
2016-01-21 Greg BurriCleaning.
2016-01-21 Greg BurriAdd an option to change the brightness of the highlight...
2016-01-20 Greg Burri* Add logos CHUV and HES-SO.
2016-01-20 Greg BurriUse a maybe monad to be able abort an analysis.
2016-01-20 Greg BurriForce the user to input a DPI value for new image.
2016-01-20 Greg BurriAdd documentation.
2016-01-20 Greg BurriFix a bug during area opening/closing when the area...
2016-01-19 Greg BurriThe minimum area computation wasn't correct.
2016-01-19 Greg BurriFix some approximation issues.
2016-01-18 Greg BurriAdd a status bar.
2016-01-18 Greg BurriAdd a logger assembly and split the main assembly in...
2016-01-17 Greg BurriAdd an about window.
2016-01-17 Greg Burri* Add an exact method to compute an ellipse from three...
2016-01-15 Greg BurriSet an application icon.
2016-01-15 Greg BurriUse two radius in the configuration, one computed with...
2016-01-14 Greg BurriThe images to be analyzed can be selected.
2016-01-13 Greg BurriUse real unit (um and ppi) instead of pixel in the...
2016-01-13 Greg BurriImprove readability of highlighted RBCs.
2016-01-13 Greg BurriAdd a way to pan from the preview.
2016-01-13 Greg Burri* Add the analysis window.
2016-01-11 Greg Burri* Add the possibility to set an RBC as healthy or infected
2016-01-10 Greg BurriGUI (work in progress..)
2016-01-10 Greg BurriGUI (work in progress..)
2016-01-08 Greg BurriGUI (work in progress..)
2016-01-08 Greg BurriAdd the panel to display image source previews.
2016-01-07 Greg Burri* Add area granulometry (not used for the moment)
2016-01-06 Greg Burri* Try another approach to remove false ellipses without...
2016-01-05 Greg BurriUse float32 to reduce memory footprint.
2016-01-04 Greg BurriCleaning, micro-optimizations.
2016-01-03 Greg BurriCleaning.
2016-01-03 Greg BurriUse float32 images instead of byte to improve the edge...
2016-01-02 Greg BurriUse k-means instead of k-medians.
2016-01-02 Greg Burri* Treat some special cases when ellipses intersecting.
2016-01-01 Greg BurriSimplification of the parasite marker.
2015-12-23 Greg BurriChange the way the parasites are detected.
2015-12-23 Greg BurriLittle adjustments.
2015-12-22 Greg Burri* Remove ellipses with a too high standard variation.
2015-12-22 Greg BurriCleaning.
2015-12-21 Greg BurriFix a bug in the ellipse overlap area computation.
2015-12-21 Greg BurriChange the parasite detection method.
2015-12-20 Greg Burri* Remove the 'DoG' filter.
2015-12-18 Greg BurriAdd functions to apply an area opening and to compute...
2015-12-14 Greg BurriFix an out-of-bound array access.
2015-12-14 Greg Burri* Remove ellipses with too small area (improved).
2015-12-14 Greg BurriImprove the thinning process performance.
2015-12-14 Greg BurriThe main process is now complete.
2015-12-11 Greg BurriRemove ellipses touching the edges.
2015-12-11 Greg Burribeginning of the classifier.
2015-12-11 Greg BurriFinding ellipses and parasites.
2015-12-09 Greg BurriFirst commit of the f# source code.
2015-11-23 Greg BurriAdd some tests on different variations of Hough algorithm.
2015-10-06 Greg BurriLogiciel de parasitémie lié au papier de Charles Ma.