Set exe icon and update setup script.
[master-thesis.git] / Parasitemia / ParasitemiaUI / ParasitemiaUI.fsproj
2021-03-21 Greg BurriSet exe icon and update setup script.
2021-03-21 Greg BurriUpdate unit tests to .NET 5.
2021-03-21 Greg BurriAdd launch settings.
2021-03-20 Greg BurriTo .NET 5 (lot of refactoring)
2020-07-01 Greg BurriUpdate dependencies
2020-07-01 Greg BurriUpdate dependencies
2017-11-03 Greg BurriMerge branch 'master' of
2017-10-21 Greg BurriFIX #277
2017-10-18 Greg BurriFrame width depends now from the RBC sizes #275
2017-07-01 Greg BurriUpdate coding style.
2017-05-18 Greg BurriDefine Emgu as a nuget reference for the project WPF
2017-05-04 Greg BurriUse the Emgu library from Nuget.
2017-05-04 Greg BurriUpdate the Logger component.
2017-04-22 Greg BurriBack to .NET 4.5.2
2017-03-29 Greg BurriAdd some key shortcut.
2017-03-28 Greg BurriCleaning syntax.
2016-01-29 Greg BurriCleaning and some little tweaks.
2016-01-28 Greg BurriAdd a DPI calculator to help to find the correct image...
2016-01-22 Greg BurriAdd some GUI elements :
2016-01-21 Greg BurriCleaning.
2016-01-21 Greg BurriAdd an option to change the brightness of the highlight...
2016-01-20 Greg Burri* Add logos CHUV and HES-SO.
2016-01-20 Greg BurriFix a bug during area opening/closing when the area...
2016-01-18 Greg BurriAdd a status bar.
2016-01-18 Greg BurriAdd a logger assembly and split the main assembly in...