Reduce a bit the thickness of selected RBC
[master-thesis.git] / Parasitemia / ParasitemiaCore / Types.fs
2021-03-31 Greg BurriReduce a bit the thickness of selected RBC
2021-03-31 Greg BurriOutput logs to AppUser/Roaming/Parasitemia/Logs
2021-03-31 Greg BurriAdd an ellipse benchmark + unit test (WIP)
2021-03-26 Greg BurriAdd the old search for kdTree + benchmark project
2017-11-03 Greg BurriMerge branch 'master' of
2017-10-18 Greg BurriFrame width depends now from the RBC sizes #275
2017-07-01 Greg BurriUpdate coding style.
2017-05-18 Greg BurriDefine Emgu as a nuget reference for the project WPF
2017-03-28 Greg BurriCleaning syntax.
2016-01-28 Greg BurriAdd a DPI calculator to help to find the correct image...
2016-01-25 Greg BurriRemove the parasite detection function from Ma.
2016-01-21 Greg BurriCleaning.
2016-01-21 Greg BurriAdd an option to change the brightness of the highlight...
2016-01-20 Greg BurriUse a maybe monad to be able abort an analysis.
2016-01-20 Greg BurriAdd documentation.
2016-01-19 Greg BurriFix some approximation issues.
2016-01-18 Greg BurriAdd a logger assembly and split the main assembly in...