2020-02-28 Grégory BurriUpdate to last version of actix-web. master
2019-08-27 Grégory BurriCheck the size of the message before decrypting it.
2019-08-08 www-dataAutomatically stop and start the service when deploying...w
2019-08-08 Grégory BurriCleaning, thanks Clippy.
2019-08-08 www-dataCleaning
2019-08-08 www-dataDo not overwrite configuration.
2019-08-08 www-dataAdd a deploy script.
2019-08-07 Greg BurriUse the key file to decipher the message given as http...
2019-08-07 Grégory BurriCleaning+comments.
2019-08-07 Grégory BurriRemove old F# implementation.
2019-08-07 Greg BurriAdd decipher function.
2019-08-05 Greg BurriImplementation of 'encrypt'.
2019-07-26 Greg BurriDecode from base64
2019-07-21 Greg BurriRead and decode key file
2019-07-12 Greg BurriAdd the F# implementation.
2019-07-12 Greg BurriParse command line argument.
2019-07-05 Greg BurriAdd a configuration file + crypto module interface
2019-06-23 Greg BurriAdd files watcher.
2019-06-23 Greg BurriInitial commit