2015-01-06 UmmonImprove the function 'from_elem(..)'. master
2015-01-05 UmmonChanges according the latest Rust nightly.
2014-12-22 UmmonFix to the new nightly.
2014-12-13 UmmonUpdate to the nighlty build of Rust.
2014-12-09 UmmonTest the new syntax 'if let'.
2014-12-05 UmmonFix according the new Rust nightly.
2014-12-03 UmmonUpdate some enum scope issues regarding the OpenSSL...
2014-12-01 Ummon'unwarp' -> 'into_inner'.
2014-11-21 UmmonFixes the code to the new Rust nightly build changes.
2014-11-15 UmmonDefine a commit for the open-ssl dependency.
2014-11-10 UmmonAdd the report pdf.
2014-11-08 UmmonUpdate according the new nightly build.
2014-11-07 UmmonCode cleaning.
2014-11-07 UmmonCode cleaning + report.
2014-11-06 UmmonAdd the figure used in the report.
2014-11-06 UmmonCode cleaning and report progress.
2014-11-05 UmmonUpdate the report.
2014-11-05 UmmonCypher -> Cipher.
2014-11-05 Ummon* Oracle machine finished.
2014-11-04 UmmonAdd the report.
2014-11-04 UmmonBegining of the machine oracle (work in progress..)
2014-11-04 UmmonMini cleanup.
2014-11-03 UmmonDisable automatic padding.
2014-11-03 UmmonData used for packet error has been modified.
2014-11-02 UmmonClean some warnings.
2014-11-02 UmmonAdd some tests.
2014-11-02 UmmonBegining of some test cases.
2014-11-01 UmmonPut the structures 'Server' and 'Client' in the same...
2014-10-31 UmmonChange the structure of a packet.
2014-10-28 UmmonRead and writing of packet, work in progress.
2014-10-28 UmmonFirst commit.
2014-10-28 UmmonAdd .gitignore.