Persistent data

Files cache

This file contains all the shared files and theirs SHA-1 hashes. This file is saved in user space after an update of the file list, it is completely loaded at the start of D-LAN. If some paths of some files doesn't match the shared directory they are discarded.

This file is saved as a binary file serialized by protocol buffer.

You can see the proto file here : source:/application/Protos/files_cache.proto


Here is a size approximation for 50'000 files stored in 1 TB. The overhead of the file format is not taken in account.

Nb of files : 50'0000
Total size : 1 TB
Chunk Size : 64 MB
Average file per directory : 50
Average filename and dirname length : 50 char
Size of a hash : 20B
AverageFileSize = 1*1024^4 / 50'000 = 21MB
Sha1Size = floor(AverageFileSize / 64MB) * 20 * 50'000 = 1 * 20 * 50'000 = 977kB
FilenameSize = 50'000 * 50 * 2 = 4.8MB (2 bytes per char)
DirnameSize = (50'000 / 50) * 50 * 2 = 97kB

TotalSize = 977kB + 4.8MB + 97kB = 5.9MB

Queued files and directories

A file containing the queued files and directories is saved in user space. An item from the list may contains a remote peer id and/or the hashes which identify a file.

As the file cache file (see above), this file is saved as a binary file serialized by protocol buffer.

For more details see the file : source:/application/Protos/queue.proto

Configuration file

Core side

here are the persisted data :

  • The nick
  • The peer ID

As the other data described above these data are saved as a file serialized by Protocol Buffer but in a human readable form.

For more details see the message Settings in file : source:/application/Protos/common.proto

Client Side

here are the persisted data :

  • Core address
  • Password for remote core

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